Sunday, February 5, 2012

Æbleskivers (Stuffed Pancakes!)

My extended family knows of my affinity for whipping something fun up in the kitchen, generally during the holidays I am scheduled to make breakfast at least once (usually biscuits and gravy) and buffalo chicken dip for dinner/snacks.

 My  sister-in-law this past Christmas gave our family a box of ingredients and a funny looking pan. Turns out it was for a dish called Ebelskivers ( or in Danish Æbleskivers ) Check out this article at Wikipedia for a rundown.

An Æbleskiver Pan (image public domain from Wikipedia)
The idea is that they are round filled pancake/pastries. The pan is like a frying pan with a bunch of 1/2 spheres cut into it.

So far I have only made this treat with pancake batter. But it seems there are more extensive traditional batters that I will need to try.

A dollop of batter is placed in each divot, Jam, Chocolate chips or some other yumminess is placed in the center and then another dollop of batter is placed on top. After a couple minutes, they are spun in their divot and cooked on the other side. 

When you are done, you have these little filled pancake pastries that you can't stop eating.

Here are a couple of photos of the last time I made them. Strawberry Jam in some, Chocolate Chips in some and Nutella in others. Yeah, I had to take the picture quick because they were going fast.

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